Govt. License No. : 281/058/059

Message from Managing Director

Dear Valued Clients,

I would like to introduce Star Ray Overseas Pvt. Ltd. as one of the distinguished and ideal manpower recruiting companies in Nepal. This company has been established in the year of 2002 A.D. with an objective to provide assiduous Nepalese manpower to the overseas companies looking for competent and honest youths.

Till today, the Star Ray Overseas Pvt.Ltd. has maintained its fame and status by retaining its quality service. It would not be an exaggeration to note that this company has never compromised in providing quality service.

This, I hope, is not just enough. This company has developed a charming relationship with various manpower recruiting companies in foreign countries.

I must emphatically say that since Nepalese manpower has a high regard all over the world for their bravery, honesty and hard work, Star Ray Overseas Pvt. Ltd. will continue to send Nepalese youths without deviating itself from its responsibility and sincerity by keeping itself on the right track to ensure that the relationship that it has developed in the last five years will further consolidate.

Reiterating the commitment, we hope the ties between the Star Ray Overseas Pvt. Ltd. and the foreign employment companies would further strengthen.


With Regards,

Bishwadip Shrestha
Managing Director